Floor Monitor

RM 18

RM 18
  • Meticulous Funktion One tuning
  • Impressive bass response
  • Radical triple concentric driver combination
  • Top Hat for pole mounting if needed
  • Two recessed double NL4 connector positions for easy cable accessibilty and safety
Funktion One's new RM18 triple concentric stage monitor is a radical departure from the standard 15'' and compression-driver configuration, delivering a significant performance advantage over conventional monitors.

The all-new triple concentric arrangement comprises an ultra-fast 18'' driver with 5'' coil and Neodymium magnet and a special 5'' driver with a built-in HF compression driver passively crossed-over at 9kHz. The 700Hz crossover point and the natural materials used in the mid-device give a previously unheard clarity and definition to the vocal range. The bass response of the 18'' driver also makes it well suited to use as a drum monitor. As usual with Funktion One's driver skills, built-in EQ correction is not necessary leaving the enclosure phase coherent with lots of headroom, presenting a great canvas to the monitor engineer and performers on stage. The conical dispersion is 70 degrees, with the enclosure measuring 17'' high x 30'' wide x 20'' deep and weighing in at 35kg.

The RM18 saw its first full-touring action on 2008 KT Tunstall tour and is receiving rave reviews from experienced monitor engineers.
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